cubing thoughts

September 1, 2011

And, again, it’s time for the stuff I can do best: resuming recent speedcubing events and being flabbergasted at how fast things evolve.

Feliks pushed levels down again last weekend. He did a sub2 6×6 single, a nearly-sub-30 4×4 single and a nearly-sub60 5×5 single. Seriously, top-notch speedcubing is getting ridiculous. But whatever, it’s just awesome and I’m glad to be able to witness it 🙂

I’m already looking forward to my traditional annual “speedsolving in <insert year here>” video resumé. I’m sure I’ll have even more shocking news to tell 😀 That boy is one hell of a skill monster and it’s great that our sport can have somebody like him.

So, stay tuned for each of his upcoming competitions, and also for cubing development as well, I’ve got a good feeling for the future!

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