cubing thoughts

September 1, 2011

And, again, it’s time for the stuff I can do best: resuming recent speedcubing events and being flabbergasted at how fast things evolve.

Feliks pushed levels down again last weekend. He did a sub2 6×6 single, a nearly-sub-30 4×4 single and a nearly-sub60 5×5 single. Seriously, top-notch speedcubing is getting ridiculous. But whatever, it’s just awesome and I’m glad to be able to witness it 🙂

I’m already looking forward to my traditional annual “speedsolving in <insert year here>” video resumé. I’m sure I’ll have even more shocking news to tell 😀 That boy is one hell of a skill monster and it’s great that our sport can have somebody like him.

So, stay tuned for each of his upcoming competitions, and also for cubing development as well, I’ve got a good feeling for the future!


September 1, 2011

so yeah, not much going on here, but there’s some stuff I’d like to share:


a) after a long break (due to my studies and stuff), I practiced a bit again, and even did a 8.63 average of 100. That’s way more than I had expected

b) I will not attend the Hungarian Open this year, unfortunately, but at least the next 2 weekends are gonna be funny: I will be at the Minesweeping World Championships at the ETH Zurich, and the weekend after it, I’ll have another cubing competition, namely the Austrian Open in Vienna. I’m so damn looking forward to meeting some good old friends again (and new friends, as always). Furthermore, I’ll get a Zhanchi in Zurich, so I’ll have a nice cube for Austrian Open if it doesn’t take too much of breaking in 😀


About permutations…

June 25, 2011

So yeah, it’s been a while, and guess what!

I managed to get all my PLL algorithms’ executions sub1. there you go.

First things first

April 21, 2011

I thought it might be good if I came up with something a lof of people ask me about – my last layer algorithms 😀

You may not know that I actually DO have sheets of my algorithms, but they are not fully correct as of yet.

So,  there they are:

If you find any mistakes (i.e. algs that do not work), let me know and I’ll gladly update. Just leave a comment, but in general:
The best way to contact me is probably an email or just come on IRC:
#rubik on freenode or on Quakenet (German) – my nick is WhoBe. I am online 24/7 but might not be reading at that specific moment. However, I will read all posts which include my nick.

So much about the first cubing-related post :]



there it is!

April 21, 2011

So, thanks to Lucas Garron, I now have a blog with a pretty epic domain. I will use this to sometimes post a few news about what’s been going on with me and to try to share some of my knowledge with you guys.

It’s brand new so there’s quite a bit of stuff to do and I will try to keep up 😀

Stay tuned for yet another cubing blog.